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We are proud to work with The Swiss Football League (SFL), enabling them to offer broadcasters, sponsors and clubs the most modern and innovative media platform on the market. SFL is offering its clubs a whole new suite of video services through Mediabank, enabling coaches, referees and media partners immediate access to valuable media assets.

SFL is one of the world's first football organizations to act as their own file-based broadcaster, and since 2013, they have offered their clubs access to, and distribution of, video material from current and archived matches, using Mediabank. Our solution has become a critical system for them, creating a fast, reliable, and flexible MAM that enables them to archive all of their matches and distribute them to their own platforms and club websites, their partners and other distribution services - both in Switzerland and around the world.

In a market where there is keen competition for the attention of viewers and users, time and quality are critical factors. By using Mediabank’s flexible platform SFL can give supporters almost immediate access to the best possible media product. SFL made an important strategic choice when they took control of their own content, and Mediabank helps them retain the focus and attention of their product.

The services that Mediabank provides to SFL´s two leagues are extensive, and include archive storage for all their logged matches. The HD-quality video footage, extended by 360 matches a year, is accessible to users on SFL´s and partners´ websites and mobile apps. All of this content is tagged with rich metadata, allowing users to find exactly what they want with a simple search, from specific matches, to players, to goals and more.

Over the past decade, NEP Mediabank has worked extensively in sports broadcasting, covering distribution and contribution alike. Our experience and understanding of the market has guided us to create a unique platform that has become a strategic part of many rights holders’ activities, like SFL.

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Share all of your assets easily

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Mediabank is a cloud based toolbox that allows you to access your media from anywhere, anytime. 

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