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As a broadcaster, we know you have a massive and ever-growing library of media files from various contributors around the world. You also have a large staff using those media files for multiple purposes and through multiple processes. Managing all of this can be time-consuming, complicated and expensive.  Not with Mediabank.  Our platform was built by industry professionals who understand your needs, and offer a single, intuitive and adaptive platform that can help you reduce the number of operative tasks, increase accuracy and save time and money.  We are also always working to improve it, and you will always be upgraded to the latest version of our software seamlessly and automatically.

Reduces complexity and increases efficiency
Offers access anywhere, anytime through a web-based UI - no specialized hardware or software
Makes access to content fast and easy with a powerful search tool
Has an OTT engine for publishing to virtually any platform
Archives all of your high res media in the cloud
Connects via API to key backend services: Schedules, As-ron-lot, OTT platforms

Share all of your assets easily

Keep full control of your master archive: secure with your storage profiles, access easily from any connected device and search quickly using smart filtering and metadata.

Publish directly to your OTT platform using M-box, our in-app publishing service.  M-box allows you to predefine the output you need through multiple sources and profiles, so all you have to do is verify your posters, dates, descriptions and other required metadata, and publish with just one click. It’s that easy.

Use the Timeline view to quickly browse through all logged tags, create your rough cut and download to your editing suite, or publish directly.


Collaboration & Approval Services

Collaborate easily with your entire team to the get best results on your productions through the  Review & Approval application.

Ensure all content complies to the local rules and regulations with automated features in the Compliance application, and review it before it goes on air - putting  you in ultimate control of all your programming.

Access  project logs and a version-tracker to give you an overview of all activity on your projects.

Set up predefined workflows when the  status of your project changes and help speed the process along, like automatically converting approved content into the correct format and pushing it designated playout servers.



Frame Accurate Player

Timeline W/ Markers

Advanced Event Search


Your new digital content courier

Get files quality checked and delivered in the correct format, on time, every time from Masterfiles, to promos and commercials. It’s our guarantee.

Upload easily to your archive through any browser, with any accelerator, no matter where you are, no matter when you are working.

Apply your unique media ID to automatically collect all metadata from your digital rights management systems.

Use our Mobile Professional camera app in your production environment to ensures the correct aspect ratio, frame-rate and production metadata is attached to your video. Then, Mobile Pro will automatically route your video to the correct location, be it an OB truck server or a studio environment - all transfered safe and secure using the Aspera™ accelerator.


Mediabank Applications

Mediabank was tailor-made for sports federations, associations and rights holders.  We know that the faster you can get your content published and in front of an audience the more valuable it is.  So we offer a powerful and searchable content library, easy one-click publishing, and fast and simple collaboration with partners. And to reach your audience even faster, we use metadata to identify those magic moments and instantly auto-publish these to your prefered markets. That means just moments after a big goal, your unique content can be shared on multiple platforms around the world - like magic.

Mark Miles




"crossing exciting new frontiers"

I thank you all for your productive contribution and making this ground breaking, risk taking, innovative adventure a success. You have all participated towards taking Eurosport into a new era, crossing exciting new frontiers, and we hope to expand on this moving forwards into the future

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