Get a Higher Return on Your Marketing Investment

When you invest time and resources in high quality video assets, we know you expect to get a lot out of them.  Mediabank can help you maximize the potential of your video materials. Through our platform, you can safely store, manage and rapidly share and update your video files. It also allows you to easily interact with productions companies, internal stakeholders and external media channels- all through one, intuitive, cost-effective and cloud based service.

Offers access anywhere, anytime through a web-based UI - no specialized hardware or software
Makes access to content fast and easy with a powerful search tool
Serves as a your publishing platform by connecting via API to virtually any distribution outlet for online video
Streamlines delivery of Masters
Has automated ingest workflows for efficiency, time-savings, and increased accuracy

Your new digital content courier

Save your preferences through AdEx, and easily send and receive different versions of your media, saving time and frustration.

Automatically sort and distribute your content based on your metadata input.

Use this web-based application in the office or on the go - any time, anywhere through your favourite browser.


Collaboration made easy

Collaborate through Review & Approval application to be in control of your production companies and pin-point your annotations by using frame accurate markers, modify your revisions, and give a final approval when you are ready.

Keep a detailed overview of all of the activity on your project using our project log and version-tracker, and never forget important input during production.

Stay involved at all times no matter where you are using our Quicklink tool, and your production team can share a low res file with you at any point via text or email so you can comment without logging in. Stream the content you receive, give immediate feedback, and save valuable time.



Frame Accurate Player

Timeline W/ Markers

Advanced Event Search


Share all of your assets easily

Ensure your assets are used appropriately by communicating important information about each file to your team and commercial partners through rich metadata.

Save one central master, set permissions, link all access centrally and  ensure all of your markets have the same version of video and metadata to avoid any potential errors.

Use metadata to tag the important aspects of your footage, and then easily and quickly search your archive to find exactly what you need.    

Save time and money by automating distribution of your content to multiple sources in multiple formats through M-Box, our in-app publishing program.


Mediabank Applications

Mediabank was tailor-made for sports federations, associations and rights holders.  We know that the faster you can get your content published and in front of an audience the more valuable it is.  So we offer a powerful and searchable content library, easy one-click publishing, and fast and simple collaboration with partners. And to reach your audience even faster, we use metadata to identify those magic moments and instantly auto-publish these to your prefered markets. That means just moments after a big goal, your unique content can be shared on multiple platforms around the world - like magic.


corporations love mediabank

"Best in class Aspera integration"

I am so proud of the productions, experiences and moments you create for the Norwegian people in linear TV and through digital- and social media. 😊🇳🇴 You are absolutely incredible! I bend in the dust. Fantastic team at NEP. Brilliantly delivered by all of you

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