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Mediabank is a cloud based toolbox that allows you to access your media from anywhere, anytime. You can search, process and distribute anything from your entire media library.

Our Review & Approval Makes Your Collaboration Easy

Review & Approval is an extensive collaboration tool that allows you and your team to share updates and comments clearly and quickly and move through the approval process efficiently, saving valuable time and money. Use it to communicate real-time with your team to keep the project moving, annotate on material at any point during production, or give it a final check before going to air. You can even share your content with a third party, by using our great Quicklink feature, and get real-time updates as responses come in.

Share all your assets easily

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easy and time-efficient

Make Collaboration between your teams easy and time-efficient. Our collaboration tools allow you to glue comments and remarks directly to in- and out points in a frame accurate player.  They allow you to create and modify revisions quickly and simply.  And you can use our 'Quicklink’ tool to allow anyone without a Mediabank user account to return instant feedback on comments and remarks - from any mobile device or computer.


Approve or Reject

Frame accurate player


Multiple workspaces




total control of all your programming

Customize Automation just for your workflows and reduce time and human error. We offer automations for  transcoding and distribution to designated destinations - which speed up the process when projects are approved. Then, before your content goes on air,  it can be automatically checked for compliance with local rules and regulations - giving you total control of all your programming.

Auto and Manual QC


Total revision control

Workflow automation


Share all of your assets easily

Use the Library app to search, filter and access all your stored media. While in Library, you can play, view and publish the content from any device. You can preview clips in your Library with the integrated media player and get detailed information about your content. Add tags and comments as you wish.


Frame Accurate




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The Mediabank App that serves as your collaboration tool.  Approve or reject, comment, make notes all in real time, from any location.


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The Mediabank App that serves as your digital advertisement and master content courier.  Let it handle sending and versioning your deliveries automatically. 


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The Mediabank App that serves as the window your archive.  It will allow you to store, search and share all of your content as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

If you are using Mediabank, you have to try our Mediabank Mobile App!

Mediabank is modular

Mediabank is a cloud based toolbox that allows you to access your media from anywhere, anytime. 

You'll our mobile app

The fastest and easiest way to upload and ingest your photos and videos to your Mediabank account. Just sign in with your Mediabank credentials and start uploading at once – it´s that simple!

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Take total Control of your contenT

Take total Control of your content and never lose or forget important communication - it will all be saved and tagged when you use Review & Approval. You can also keep a detailed overview of all activities and versions using our ‘Logviewer’.



Approve or Reject


Auto & Manual QC

Total revision control

The Latest Updates to Review & Approval In the Cloud

Our dedicated team of engineers and developers are always working to improve Review & Approval and pushing new features live.  Check out the latest updates and see what we have been up to.


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Approve or Reject

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Frame Accurate Player

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Quick Link

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Multiple Workspaces

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Log Viewer

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Auto & Manual qC

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Total Revision Control

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Workflow Automation

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  • Easy tools for collaboration and real-time communication with your team
  • An integrated frame-accurate player 
  • Quicklink, a fast and easy sharing feature
  • Automated transcoding into any format you need
  • Automated distribution to pre-set destinations in the specified format
  • Automatic compliance checks before your content hits the air
  • Detailed view of past versions and all activity for every file
  • A record of all communications, feedback and approvals

Batch upload

Smart Metadata templates

Accelerated & secure

Destination Fast Track

All Professional formats

Auto & Manual QC

Inventory DB lookups

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Modern Times Group (MTG) realized back in 2008 it was time to implement new technology to stay in the forefront of the industry.

A digital workflow was needed to handle their internal productions in Scandinavia, to support play out in the UK, and to help manage publishing to their OTT platforms. This new digital workflow would replace their previous “analog” standard, where tapes were couriered to London. After carefully reviewing the alternatives, MTG decided Mediabank would offer the best solution for their needs.

Our team got to work right away and created a series of new features for their pay and free TV productions in Norway, Sweden & Denmark. These services and features developed by Mediabank for MTG have been continually improved over the years, and have become part of our standard product available to all of our customers.

Now, Mediabank serves as their digital hub for master delivery of programs for broadcast from 70+ production companies to their playout in Chiswick Green, London. Additionally, MTG’s broadcasting division uses Mediabank as its core service for studio presentation, production services, contribution and playout of UEFA Champions League, with all matches stored via Mediabank and indexed for broadcast use - and MTG also produces auto clips for promotional use (Facebook, VGTV etc.) via Mediabank.

Hear it from our clients and partners

"The most advanced solution on the market"

“The Swiss Football League is proud to offer its clubs the most advanced solution on the market for access to and the distribution of video material from the week´s and archived matches”



"You are absolutely incredible"

I am so proud of the productions, experiences and moments you create for the Norwegian people in linear TV and through digital- and social media. 😊🇳🇴 You are absolutely incredible! I bend in the dust. Fantastic team at NEP. Brilliantly delivered by all of you

Eivind Landsverk
Programming & Content Director - Discovery Networks Norway

"World class, simply!"

You are an amazingly impressive gang. World class, simply! It’s hat off that a bunch of people at Шkern [in Oslo] has created a solution such as this. I just bow in the dust!

Bernhard Steen
Partner at Lavo TV (Former CTO, Discovery Networks Norway)

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