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Mediabank is a cloud based toolbox with an extremely intuitive and user-friendly interface (seriously, it is) that allows you to access your media from anywhere, anytime. You can search, process and distribute anything from your entire media library using your favorite browser on your own computer, tablet or phone.

  Unique Mediabank features


This application is tailored for sports federations, associations and rights holders. Its unique tagging features lets you easily identify special occasions and events in no time.

Publish your magic moments to websites, social media, television or media partners in a single click. This app gives you more than you would expect from a digital archive. In addition to storing your content in a safe environment, we offer a new and exciting way of displaying your videos. The timeline view lets you find and share your best content easily, because monetizing on your rights media should always be a priority. Publish your magic moments to websites, social media, television or media partners in a single click.

Special features:

  • M-boxes – With more sharing options
  • Advanced event search
  • Timeline with markers
  • Frame accurate player
  • Multiple views
  • Thorough metadata inspector
  • Tag your media
  • Create Clip-lists and Tag-list


Click the Library app if you need to access and search any of your stored media. From here you can play, view, send or download the content from any device. You can preview clips in your Library with the integrated media player and get detailed information about your content. Add tags and comments as you wish.


Review & Approval

Collaboration made easy. View a low-res copy of your masters for comments, feedback and final approval.

A lets you approve, reject or comment on material in a production phase or as a final check before going to air. It is an extensive collaboration tool that where you and your clients decide whether the material is good to go or not. Approval by a third party via a mobile phone may sometimes be very convenient. If you want to, any new comments can be sent by an automated email subscription to the recipients of your choice. Once all material is approved, it is transferred automatically in the correct format and resolution to wherever you want it to go.

Special features:

  • Advanced event search
  • M-boxes – With even more sharing options
  • Timeline with markers
  • Frame accurate player


Compliance is our Master approval app. Reject or approve any master coming through. Perfect either for Broadcaster or Production.

If you are working in production this is how you use Compliance. Upload via AdEx – Choose Destination  Compliance. Your receiver might be a Broadcaster, and right here, in Compliance the broadcaster may view your production. The broadcaster may now use annotations to inform production of changes or modifications needed for it to be approved.

Special features:

  • Get instant feedback on your Masters
  • M-boxes – With even more sharing options
  • Approve or reject online
  • Frame accurate player


Your new digital ad courier. We’ve created this app to eliminate the effort with sending and converting ads to the right media. What most people want to do is to stick to what they’re good at. Wouldn’t you agree?

At first, AdEx is going to ask you a few questions, just to get to know you. But after you’ve sent your first couple of ads, this app remembers your preferences. It will remember which advertisers you work for and which channels and formats they prefer. And it will most certainly remember what country you usually send your ads to. Do yourself a favor, try it.

Special features:

  • Free Library app (including free 100GB)
  • M-boxes – Multiple publishing options
  • Access to our Collaboration app
  • Social Media auto publishing options

   Mediabank Mobile

If you are using Mediabank, you have to try our Mediabank Mobile App!

The fastest and easiest way to upload and ingest your photos and videos to your Mediabank account.
Just sign in with your Mediabank credentials and start uploading at once – it´s that simple! Mediabank Mobile in Apple Store now.

Mediabank consists of a number of services and features that facilitate work processes from start to finish. Take a look for a quick overview:

Hear it from our clients and partners

"It´s Rock solid and helps us commercialize"

Norwegian Football Association


- Norwegian Football Association -

"Really intuitive"

Swiss Football League

- Swiss Football League -

"Best in class Aspera integration"

Michelle Munson - Aspera


- Michelle Munson - Aspera -

"Mediabank has made us great again"

SBS Discovery Media


- SBS Discovery Media -

"This has meant the world to us"

Viasat Broadcast UK


- Viasat Broadcast UK -


We digitize your tape archive!

Have you been thinking about digitizing all the old dusty tapes on your shelf? Have you considered empty your drawer for USBs and LaCie discs?

-Sign up with Mediabank now and let us do your cleaning with up to 200 hours of video for zero dollars!

Special offer requirements:

Minimum 12 months contract period

Minimum basic license plan

Maximum 500 tapes

Only professional video tape-formats are supported

What´s new in Mediabank?

We are speeding up operations, added brand new functionality, and a new improved interface with new dedicated workspaces. Our development team are working constantly, improving your service and we have added some very useful new features. Enjoy!

Mediabank, a subsidiary of NEP Group, Inc.

NEP is the leading worldwide provider of outsourced production solutions offering technical services for remote production, studio production, video display, host broadcasting, post production, smart asset / media management, multi-screen delivery and end- to-end OTT solutions. More

Our business model

AdEx Input
Review & Approval

Library Basic
Quicklink & Collaborate

Basic editing
Event Tagging
Tags for Reality

Live event tagging
NEP Auto Highlights
SDI Cloud Ingest
Enterprise X-account sharing
Rights content sharing
Production Gateway

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