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Get From Concept to Content Faster

We understand that you need to deliver your final product on a set timeline and budget.  This means that easy access to your video material and close collaboration with your clients is critical.   Mediabank offers you all the tools you need to upload, search and distribute your video files.  Through this powerful and easy-to-use platform you can also connect with your clients during the whole process and quickly share versions, get feedback and approvals quickly and efficiently. Storing and building a safe library is a given with Mediabank.

Makes access to content fast and easy with a powerful search tool
Adds automation to production workflows reducing risk of human error
Serves as a collaboration tool for internal and external collaborators
Uses SMS or email to send quick links and get immediate feedback on your ongoing projects
Offers access anywhere, anytime through a web-based UI - no specialized hardware or software

Let Mediabank handle delivery and archive of your Masters

Deliver your files quality checked and in the correct format, on time, every time,  from masterfiles, to promos and commercials, and avoid sending your client with the wrong files because of user errors.

Archive your content by uploading it through  AdEx and get the richest possible metadata added to your content by using mandatory upload forms.


Collaboration made easy

Collaborate to the get the best possible results on your productions using  our Review & Approval application, and pin-point your annotations by using frame accurate markers, modify your revisions, and get a final approval.

Keep a detailed overview of all of the activity on your project using our project log and version-tracker, and never forget important input during production.

Share a low-res file through our Quicklink and allow a 3rd party to comment without logging in, allowing you to get feedback quickly and save valuable time.



Frame Accurate Player

Timeline W/ Markers

Advanced Event Search


Share all of your assets easily

Keep full control of your master archive: secure with your storage profiles, access easily from any connected device and search quickly using smart filtering and metadata.

Predefine and automate your destinations with multiple options and settings and share directly to your post production facilities, your different SoMe platforms, or your customer, using M-box, our in-app sharing service

Log all your content live on location or during post production with our TAGS application.

Use the Timeline view to browse through your production log and create an editing decision list.


Mediabank Applications

Mediabank was tailor-made for sports federations, associations and rights holders.  We know that the faster you can get your content published and in front of an audience the more valuable it is.  So we offer a powerful and searchable content library, easy one-click publishing, and fast and simple collaboration with partners. And to reach your audience even faster, we use metadata to identify those magic moments and instantly auto-publish these to your prefered markets. That means just moments after a big goal, your unique content can be shared on multiple platforms around the world - like magic.

Odd Arvid Strømstad


production companies LOVE MEDIABANK

"one-touch possibility"

We can serve our customers and clients with just this one-touch possibility. For me, being in television for 30 years, that’s amazing!

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