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Since 2008, Mediabank has provided Norsk Rikstoto, the Norwegian-based organization that supervises betting on horse trotting races, with a fully integrated media asset management system for their branded TV Channel, Rikstoto Direkte. Our solution facilitates live streaming of all trot races to Norsk Rikstoto’s channels as well as external news partners.

In addition, Mediabank delivers the long-term storage for all Rikstoto´s trot races since its founding, creating an extensive and searchable archive. We have integrated a LIVE XML connection to each race with all the relevant data available, including horse trot racing details, results, betting & times. This archive currently contains more than 50,000 races tagged with relevant timecode and event metadata.

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Mediabank is a cloud based toolbox that allows you to access your media from anywhere, anytime. 

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